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Newly Licensed Florida Brokers and Sales Associates: Rule Change

Spring Hill FL real Estate SchoolIf you are in your initial licensing period as a Florida Real Estate Broker or Sales Associate, congratulations on achieving an important milestone in your career.  You are aware that during this licensing period you have additional required education.  

If you are a newly licensed sales associate, you have to take a 45 hour Post Licensing Course.  This course offers a vital and practical step by step process to launch a successful career. This is particulary helpful if you chose to work for a smaller company that does not offer training programs.laptop_online_literature_400_wht_17113

So often I hear from students in this class how they regret that they waited until the last possible course offering before enrolling in this course.  The students regret that they lost many transactions because they did not know the required information to save the deal.  Furthermore, they are stressed and anxious because if they do not pass the final exam with a 75, they are in jeopardy of losing their license.  Why? Because under the former rule, if you did not pass the final exam you had to wait 30 days and take a different version of the test.  Why could that be an issue? Because they didn’t have 30 days before their license went NULL and VOID! What a tragedy.  That means listings taken and contracts written could not be completed since the licensee was no longer in the business! That is so unnecessary and very sad.

I have had new Brokers (who are owners of their firm) reach out to me because they also procrastinated.  The Broker Post Licensing requirements are 60 hours but are actually two 30 hour courses.  The Broker Management Course is so beneficial to new Broker/Owners of Real Estate companies for the same reason the 45 hour course is relevant for new licensees; it offers a step by step guide on how to open and operate a brokerage firm.  Many people who get the Broker License are not ready or not even sure they want to open a brokerage firm but want the credibility and knowledge from the Broker Course.  The Investment Course is so educational and informative to bring the licensee to the next level of production, whether they open an office or not.


So what happens if you are a new Broker and you did not complete (that means pass the final) the required 60 hours of Post Licensing? You LOSE your Broker license and have to request that your Sales Associate License be reinstated.  If you are the Broker of record for your firm this is a serious issue. Why? Because of procrastination. Unnecessary and very sad. 

Drumroll…..the Real Estate Commission has eliminated the required 30 day wait period to retake the exam and you have the opportunity to retest when you feel ready.  Still, this is not the best way to run your business, regardless of which license you earned.  This is your business, and to be successful you have to treat it like a business.

It is your license, your business, your choice.  Choose wisely and get that competitive edge in your real estate business.

Nature Coast Real Estate School offers live classroom and online courses in Brooksville, Spring Hill, Port Richey and Holiday Florida. Check out our website at for the full schedule of classes.  Be sure to read our reviews on Google before making your choice of Real Estate Schools.




Welcome New Instructor Tanya Eldert

Spring Hill FL Real Estate SchoolNature Coast Real Estate School proudly welcomes the newest addition to our faculty, Tanya Eldert and our new campus at Holiday Towers, 2435 US Highway 19 Ste 550, Holiday FL. We will be offering Live Pre and Post Licensing classes, and Exam Prep weekend courses at our new location. Tanya brings a wealth of Real Estate and Technology experience to her students. A bit more about Tanya….Tanya Pic medium (1)

Tanya Eldert is Broker Associate and a Founding member and Jr. Partner of Realty Partners.  She has been working in management and marketing for over 25 years, including over 13 years running her own marketing agency that supported and taught real estate professionals.  In 2003 she started working with real estate agents to assist them in getting started on the internet, she also worked with an Emmy winning producer to take the first steps into integrating video with home sales and taught agents classes on how to merge ‘new technology’ with traditional marketing methods.

laptop_online_literature_400_wht_17113After moving to Florida Tanya got her real estate license and quickly started a team.  Over the next few years she was invited onto the Greater Tampa REALTORS Association Technology committee and taught a variety of classes such as CRMs and Lead Conversion classes. She currently serves on the West Pasco Board of REALTORS Education Committee and teaches marketing classes. Tanya received her Senior Real Estate Specialist with the National Association of Realtors and is a member of the Trinity Odessa Toastmasters Club.
Tanya is currently the CEO of the Real Estate Help Team LLC, which provides agents with transaction and administrative services; and continues her marketing support services by running the Synergy Business Network inc.
Family is very important to Tanya, and she and her husband Michael homeschool their daughter.  To give back to the community, Tanya is a co-leader of a Girl Scout troop and Michael is an Assistant District Commissioner to the Boy Scouts.  Their other volunteer activities have included: Tanya being a hotline volunteer and victim advocate for assault and domestic violence for 15 years and Michael volunteered over 20 years in EMS and fire.  The whole family helps with dog rescue and has taken helped in fostering and fundraising for 16 years.


Welcome New Faculty Member John DiPalo

Spring Hill FL Real Estate SchoolNature Coast Real Estate School is very pleased to announce the addition of two instructors to the faculty.

John Dipalo PA, Broker/REALTOR, began his real estate career in 2002.  He is part-owner of his family’s Real Estate Brokerage business and has a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from Benedictine University.  John is an honorably discharged Veteran of the United States Coast Guard, has worked in the insurance industry, and has multiple professional real estate designations, including being a Graduate of the Realtor Institute (GRI).  His enjoyment of real estate and love of teaching has most recently led him to become a licensed real estate instructor.  John has found honesty, approachability, knowledge, andJohn Dipalo experience to be most valuable in a real estate professional, and has dedicated his career to professional integrity.  In his spare time, John enjoys restoring classic cars, spending time with his family, and rooting for his son in Taekwondo as he earns his 1st degree black belt.

John will be teaching Sales Associate Pre-licensing and Post-licensing classes at the Port Richey and Spring Hill locations of Nature Coast Real Estate school and we are proud to welcome him to our faculty.

Nature Coast Real Estate School offers LIVE CLASSROOM and ONLINE INSTRUCTION for pre and post licensing classes for Sales Associates and Brokers, as well as Weekend Exam Prep Courses.  We have convenient locations in Pasco and Hernando Counties to serve the Real Estate Licensing needs of the North Tampa Bay area.
For more information on the location and class preparation, call Jeanne Gavish at 352-650-029 or email at

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The Changing Face Of The Real Estate Professional

opportunity-knockingReal Estate is an exciting career with opportunities for income and growth that are limited only by the mindset and efforts of the practitioner.  There is much more work involved than one imagines when embarking on this career path, and it is not for everyone.  It is much like farming: seeds planted, nurtured, cared for, and in time the diligent practitioner is rewarded with the harvest in the form of closings, referrals and repeat business.
I begin each Real Estate class by asking each student what they do or did previously to earn a living and what the expectation is in this new chapter.  This helps me to know my students and how to compare and prepare them for the challenges of this profession.  Real Estate is not a job; it is a career and that is a difficult transition mentally for those who have been employees.  There is no guaranteed income or security, as most of us are independent contractors, but there is plenty of opportunity.
business_woman_sit_on_graph_400_wht_19222In the early 2000’s, many students had lost their jobs as major corporations were relocating their businesses from the Tampa Bay area to India and other overseas homes.  The average student ranged in age from the late 30’s to early 60’s during that time.  There was a period during the Great Recession where few students of any age were venturing into the Real Estate arena, although there were still opportunities for good income. There is a misperception that the real estate market dictates a licensees income.  In reality it is the licensee’s efforts that determine success, and good business practices and habits will pay off in any market.  
As the general economy recovered, and therefore the real estate market began to rebound, the classrooms got larger and people began considering real estate as a career option again, and an interesting dynamic developed.  People began considering Real Estate as a career at a much younger age. In fact, in my last licensing class more than half of the class was under 35, and many were in their 20’s. This is an interesting shift. In fact, studies show that the average prelicensing student age in the southeastern United States is now 26 years old. Just five years ago, the average student was in their mid-30s.
piggy_bank_glass_real_estate_400_wht_18463Studies on the housing market recovery have uncovered an interesting fact. The 2 factors that once were considered the key to a good living, a college education and homeownership, have become for the younger generation an anchor into poverty as the student debt is staggering, and homeownership is unattainable or unattractive to many millineals as a result. 
Many of these millenials are assessing the risks and rewards of alternatives to a degree and discovering that for a fraction of the cost, they can launch a career in Real Estate while still living at home or co-business_people_greet_400_wht_18360renting.  This allows them the freedom to pursue the knowledge and experience required without the stress and pressure of having to earn an immediate income for survival.  A good portion of my younger students have never owned a home, but are eager and ambitious and think differently that past generations. It is predicted that as the millenial generation become homeowners, they will be the largest demographic in the housing market and these young professionals are poised to serve the needs of their peers.
This offers challenges to today’s practicing Real Estate Professional that is not tech savvy and resistant to change.  The entire process is rapidly evolving, with individual licensees having their own branding, including mobile apps and modern communication styles that didn’t exist a decade ago.  Without the ability to phone_hand_angle_18645communicate and relate to the younger buyers, older more experienced practitioners are going to find themselves at a disadvantage, as today’s young buyer don’t relate to outdated communication methods and slower pace.  Remember, this generation grew up with devices in their hands and embrace 21st century innovation.  It is an interesting time in real estate and millenial practitioners and homebuyers/homesellers are poised to dominate this market.
If you ae interested in pursuing a career in Real Estate  or have questions, call Jeanne Gavish at 352-650-1029 or email at
Nature Coast Real Estate School offers LIVE CLASSROOM and ONLINE INSTRUCTION for pre and post licensing classes for Sales Associates and Brokers, as well as Weekend Exam Prep Courses.  We have convenient locations in Pasco and Hernando Counties to serve the Real Estate Licensing needs of the North Tampa Bay area.

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How To Get Your Florida Real Estate License If You Are Licensed In Another State

Spring Hill Real Estate SchoolIf you have an active Real Estate License (either as a Broker or Sales Associate) in any other state for at least 2 out of the past 5 years, you may qualify to bypass the Sales Associate license in Florida and apply directly to acquire your Florida Real Estate Broker’s license.

Florida does not offer reciprocity with any other state, but acknowledges the experience of licensees in other states. In order to qualify the applicant must show proof of one of the following: Has been registered as an active sales associate for at least 24 months during the preceding 5 years under one or more brokers; has held a current and valid real estate sales associate’s license for at least 24 months during the preceding 5 years in the employ of a governmental agency for a salary and performing the duties authorized in Chapter 475, F.S.; or has held a current and valid real estate broker’s license for at least 24 months during the preceding 5 years in any other state, territory, or jurisdiction of the United States, or in any foreign national jurisdiction.

The applicant must contact the Real Estate Commission in the state where the qualifying license is held, (NOT the Association of REALTORS or Brokerage Firm) and request a Certification of License History.   The history must contain the initial license exam type, current license status, disciplinary information, and how many valid months within the preceding five years.

The applicant must successfully complete the required 72 hour Florida Broker PreSpring Hill Florida Real Estate School Licensing education through an approved course provider, unless exempted.   This can be accomplished either by classroom or online format. The course completion certificate is valid for two (2) years from date of successful completion (passing the required exam aonline learningt the end of the course). The applicant will not be able to sit for the exam without proof of a valid course completion slip from the course provider. Do NOT forget to bring the completion certificate. I tell my students to place the certificate in the glove box of the car so they will not inadvertently leave it behind.

To qualify for the education exemption the applicant must hold a 4 year degree in real estate.  In order to determine exemption the candidate must submit an original certified transcript with broker license application for review. The applicant may submit prior to application by sending an original certified transcript with cover letter to: Division of Real Estate, Attention: Education Section, 400 West Robinson Street, Suite N 801 Orlando, Florida 32801.

Once approved, the Broker Candidate will be notified by the test vendor, currently Pearson Vue, to schedule the licensing exam.  This can be accomplished at a location in any state where the vendor is approved by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR).  The DBPR has created a guide  for the candidate to maneuver the entire application and exam process.  The Candidate Information Booklet is a valuable resource and can be downloaded and saved.

Nature Coast Real Estate School offers LIVE CLASSROOM and ONLINE INSTRUCTION for pre and post licensing classes for Sales Associates and Brokers, as well as Weekend Exam Prep Courses.  We have convenient locations in Pasco and Hernando Counties to serve the Real Estate Licensing needs of the North Tampa Bay area.
For more information on the location and class preparation, call Jeanne Gavish at 352-650-029 or email at

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New Florida Broker License Exam in Effect

Spring Hill FL Real Estate SchoolFor those Florida Real Estate professionals who are upgrading their licenses to become a Real Estate Broker, there are important changes that went into effect December 1, 2015.

The new TILA/RESPA Integrated Mortgage Disclosure Rule (TRID) was effective for loan applications made after October 3, 2015. The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) began testing the  new Closing Disclosure, which replaced the HUD-1 Settlement Statement on December 1, 2015. The Broker state exam will have eight questions that may include calculation of documentary stamp taxes and intangible taxes as well as tax and rent prorations. Candidates must also know on which page and where the expenses, prorations, sales price, and mortgage balances are shown on the Closing Disclosure. These are basic calculations that are part of the Real Estate Broker pre-licensing curriculum.pile of books

Candidates have to be familiar with pages 2 and 3 of the new five-page Closing Disclosure. Here is a link to the new Closing Disclosure to familiarize students with the changes. 

Broker Candidates are urged by the DBPR to download and utilize the Candidate Information Booklets they provide.  The Broker Candidate Information Booklet was updated in December 2015.  This is a great resource to guide the student though the process and contains valuable information, especially with regard to the weight of each section of the textbook on the State Licensing exam.  The Broker CIB has sample closing scenario questions to familiarize the candidate with the expected online learningformat of the closing questions.
Additionally, FREC Rule 5.018, Vacancies of Office, was revised to allow a temporary broker to be appointed in the event a brokerage has only one active broker and that broker dies, resigns, or is unexpectedly unable to remain in the position as active broker. Refer to the attached strikeout version of the rule that became effective February 1, 2016.There was much confusion as to when the 14 day period to replace a broker began and this rule seeks to clarify and make the transition easier. The vacancy may now be filled with a temporary broker, who may be registered for up to 60 days with the DBPR without the need to comply with the Secretary of State corporate registration requirements. Until the Broker manual is updated, the candidate should be given a handout with the new changes as this new material is now tested. 
Nature Coast Real Estate School offers LIVE CLASSROOM and ONLINE INSTRUCTION for pre and post licensing classes for Sales Associates and Brokers, as well as Weekend Exam Prep Courses.  We have four convenient locations in Pasco and Hernando Counties to serve the Real Estate Licensing needs of the North Tampa Bay area.
For more information on the location and class preparation, call Jeanne Gavish at 352-650-029 or email me at

Tips for New Real Estate Licensees to Build A Personal Brand

Spring Hill FL Real Estate SchoolAfter the excitement of attaining a Florida Real Estate License winds down, an inevitable sense of panic sets in for a new licensee because now the task of attracting potential homesellers and buyers becomes a reality.

“What do I do now?” is a frequent question I get from my newly licensed former real estate students.  In today’s technology based society one of the simplest and inexpensive way to let the world know who you are and what to do is to build your online brand.  Most people already have a Facebook account so adding a business page is easy.  Finding the right name for your business page is vital.  Very few people are going to be attracted to follow a site that is “your name, Realtor”.  Why not have a relevant page named for the community you intend to farm?  You are the administrator of the page and you can go throughout your community announcing the new community page, invite them to like and follow it and to post anything of interest to the community.  Yard Sales, items for sale, community events, and events can be promoted as well, and you can go to the local businesses nearby and ask if they would like you to promote their business on your page and maybe they will post coupons just for the group.  You can post the real estate market activity stats on the community, house_market_graph_400_wht_12473new listings and sales, even inviting the For Sale By Owners to post their properties. Take photos, interview and write a post to introduce new neighbors who have moved into your farm area. This will get your name out into the community as the expert and you will have ready access to your farm area.  None of that will cost you anything more than time and it will be well spent.

The real estate sites like,,, and others offer free profiles for real estate professionals.  Avail yourself to the free advertising and let the world know who you are.  You never know what will attract the buyers and sellers to contact you and ask for help with the sale or purchase.  I have acquired listings because the reader liked my community involvement. Others like the experience level.  I make sure I write about my background, interests, education and experience so that someone searching the sites will know more about me.  Many buyers moblie_real_estate_400_wht_8828and sellers are searching on the sites for a professional to represent them and not just looking at properties.  Let them know your background, and have it work for you.  This is especially true for military veterans and former law enforcement retirees.  You want people to find the common ground and they will feel more comfortable doing business with you. 

Have a relevant website and keep it current and interesting.  if you are working in a franchise, professional websites are already prepared.  Some larger independent companies have the same benefit.  If you don’t have one, my personal favorite is which can be customized and has the longevity to give you instant ranking on the search sites. They offer a free trial period before you need to purchase.  You can acquire the Internet Data Exchange (IDX) link from your local Realtor Association and that enables all of the listings in the entire Multiple Listing Service to be scrolling on your website and you can even create specified searches using the same link.

Since you are going to be an ambassador for your market area to the public, make sure you know your market area and what makes it unique. How far to the beaches? Golf Courses? Theme Parks?  Are the Many buyers are not sure what area of Florida they want to be and you may first have to sell your community before you sell a home.  Go to the local Tourism Department, Business Development Department and Chamber of Commerce and learn about your particular area so that you can inform your potential buyers of the benefits of living and working there.  Get out on the road and preview the different lifestyle options.  Gated Communities, Age Restricted Communities, Subdivisions and rural areas all need to be explored.  Know your market area so you can describe it with enthusiasm to new buyers.

It takes time and effort to build your brand, but how well and how fast you become established in your business depends on how hard you worked to build that name recognition that leads to success.  To all my newly licensed students, Welcome to the business!  

For information on obtaining a real estate license or are considering a career in Real Estate and live in the Tampa Bay area, Contact Nature Coast Real Estate School’s website for our schedule of classes..

Nature Coast Real Estate School offers LIVE CLASSROOM and ONLINE INSTRUCTION for Pre and Post Licensing Classes for Sales Associates and Brokers, as well as Weekend Exam Prep Courses.  It has four locations in Pasco and Hernando counties to serve the Real Estate Licensing needs of the north Tampa Bay area.

For more information on the location and class preparation, call Jeanne Gavish at 352-650-1029 or email me at