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Weekend Exam Cram Course for Brokers and Sales Associates

April 25, 2011

Nature Coast Real Estate SchoolPassing the Florida Real Estate State License Examination on the first try is the ultimate goal for every candidate.  Each month I get the statistics from the state regarding how many candidates took the test for both Brokers and Sales Associates.  I learn how many passed on the first try and how many passed as retakers.

Each month the number of candidates vary, but the ratios do not.  This month 180 tests were given to first time Florida Real Estate Broker Candidates.   Out of this group, 67 passed and 113 failed, which is a 37% pass rate.  262 candidates were retakers, and the same 37% pass rate applied.  This is pretty consistent month after month.  The Florida Real Estate Broker test is completely changing in July 2011, so the students who have taken the course and not passed the state licensing exam will be  unprepared for the new test.

The Florida Real Estate Sales Associate exam has a much higher pass rate for first time takers.  This month, out of 954 students taking the exam for the first time, 543 passed and 411 failed.  This is a 57% pass rate.  Ironically, the pass rate drastically decreases for retakers, whose pass rate is a dismal.  Out of 1017 retakers for the Sales Associate candidate, only 320 passed, which is less than 32%.

With the advent of the computerized examamination, candidates no longer have to wait 30 days to retake the state exam.  They can reschedule their exam after 24 hours, and many do just that, rather than cracking the books and studying before trying again.

How can you maximize you potential for passing on the first attempt?  Read the entire course manual.  Carefully review the questions at the end of each chapter.  Find a weekend EXAM PREP class.  Dearborn Publishing has a review manual for Sales Associates and Brokers and this is an incredibly helpful tool for passing.

Nature Coast Real Estate School offers an EXAM PREP Course utilizing the Dearborn manual.  It is imperative that the student complete the exam questions before class.  A great test taking tip, since the answers and explanations are in the back of the book, is to mark the correct answer to each question, then study the questions, and the correct answer only.  When a student reads all four options, they are subconsciously implanting 3 incorrect answers along with the one correct answer, and under the stress of the test are unlikely to remember which was was correct.

If you have any questions about a career in real estate in Florida, please call or email me, or visit my website.  If you have any questions about the licensing process, the Division of Real Estate has answers to Frequently Asked Questions as well as a complete Candidate Information Booklet to guide you through the process of getting your license.  To apply for a real estate license in Florida, follow the link to the license application.

Florida Accredited Real Estate School


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