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Florida Real Estate License Exam Changes

May 24, 2013

NC_RE_SchoolThe Florida Real Estate Sales Associate State Licensing Exam was updated in February this year.  This had an immediate impact on the pass rate of Florida Real Estate Licensing Candidates.  In February, the pass rate for first time test takers fell below the 50% mark.

In March and April, the first time test takers pass rate fell below 40%, the lowest in the years since I have been receiving them.  When the Performance Summary was received by State Approved Licensing Schools, we received in the email a message from the Department of Business and Professional Regulation.  Based on their review of the Sales Associate examination performance, it was determined that Candidates would benefit from reviewing the following area prior to taking the state exam:

  • Escrow Deposits Florida Administrative Code 61J2-14.008 2(b)
  • Types of Mortgages familiarize, including Reverse Mortgages
  • Types of Agency Relationships FL Statute 475.278- Presumption of Transaction Brokerage and which relationships owe fiduciary duties
  • Types of Listings including Net Listings
  • Landlord Tenant Act Florida Statute 83 Part II
  • Advertising – Florida Administrative Code 61J2-10.025 Including Internet Advertising
  • Florida Statutes (475 Part I, 455, 120 & 720) and Administrative Rules (61J2)  Know what each one governs
  • Homeowner Association Disclosures Florida Statute 720
  • FHA & VA know which insures and which guarantees

The Department has always promoted reading the statutes referenced above, as well as reading the Candidates Information Booklet for Sales Associates  or Brokers as a prerequisite to taking the State Licensing Exam.  Both were updated May 2013 and have important information for Candidates.

If you would like more information on applying for a Florida Real Estate License or upcoming Real Estate Courses, visit my website or call 352-650-1029.

Nature Coast Real Estate School has begun offering Sales Associate & Broker Exam Prep course.  Please call 352-650-1029 for more information regarding upcoming classes. We are located at the Hernando/Pasco County line in Spring Hill in the UHL Plaza at County Line Rd and US 19 and offer live classroom instruction.
Florida Accredited Real Estate School


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