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Tips for New Real Estate Licensees to Build A Personal Brand

July 8, 2016

Spring Hill FL Real Estate SchoolAfter the excitement of attaining a Florida Real Estate License winds down, an inevitable sense of panic sets in for a new licensee because now the task of attracting potential homesellers and buyers becomes a reality.

“What do I do now?” is a frequent question I get from my newly licensed former real estate students.  In today’s technology based society one of the simplest and inexpensive way to let the world know who you are and what to do is to build your online brand.  Most people already have a Facebook account so adding a business page is easy.  Finding the right name for your business page is vital.  Very few people are going to be attracted to follow a site that is “your name, Realtor”.  Why not have a relevant page named for the community you intend to farm?  You are the administrator of the page and you can go throughout your community announcing the new community page, invite them to like and follow it and to post anything of interest to the community.  Yard Sales, items for sale, community events, and events can be promoted as well, and you can go to the local businesses nearby and ask if they would like you to promote their business on your page and maybe they will post coupons just for the group.  You can post the real estate market activity stats on the community, house_market_graph_400_wht_12473new listings and sales, even inviting the For Sale By Owners to post their properties. Take photos, interview and write a post to introduce new neighbors who have moved into your farm area. This will get your name out into the community as the expert and you will have ready access to your farm area.  None of that will cost you anything more than time and it will be well spent.

The real estate sites like,,, and others offer free profiles for real estate professionals.  Avail yourself to the free advertising and let the world know who you are.  You never know what will attract the buyers and sellers to contact you and ask for help with the sale or purchase.  I have acquired listings because the reader liked my community involvement. Others like the experience level.  I make sure I write about my background, interests, education and experience so that someone searching the sites will know more about me.  Many buyers moblie_real_estate_400_wht_8828and sellers are searching on the sites for a professional to represent them and not just looking at properties.  Let them know your background, and have it work for you.  This is especially true for military veterans and former law enforcement retirees.  You want people to find the common ground and they will feel more comfortable doing business with you. 

Have a relevant website and keep it current and interesting.  if you are working in a franchise, professional websites are already prepared.  Some larger independent companies have the same benefit.  If you don’t have one, my personal favorite is which can be customized and has the longevity to give you instant ranking on the search sites. They offer a free trial period before you need to purchase.  You can acquire the Internet Data Exchange (IDX) link from your local Realtor Association and that enables all of the listings in the entire Multiple Listing Service to be scrolling on your website and you can even create specified searches using the same link.

Since you are going to be an ambassador for your market area to the public, make sure you know your market area and what makes it unique. How far to the beaches? Golf Courses? Theme Parks?  Are the Many buyers are not sure what area of Florida they want to be and you may first have to sell your community before you sell a home.  Go to the local Tourism Department, Business Development Department and Chamber of Commerce and learn about your particular area so that you can inform your potential buyers of the benefits of living and working there.  Get out on the road and preview the different lifestyle options.  Gated Communities, Age Restricted Communities, Subdivisions and rural areas all need to be explored.  Know your market area so you can describe it with enthusiasm to new buyers.

It takes time and effort to build your brand, but how well and how fast you become established in your business depends on how hard you worked to build that name recognition that leads to success.  To all my newly licensed students, Welcome to the business!  

For information on obtaining a real estate license or are considering a career in Real Estate and live in the Tampa Bay area, Contact Nature Coast Real Estate School’s website for our schedule of classes..

Nature Coast Real Estate School offers LIVE CLASSROOM and ONLINE INSTRUCTION for Pre and Post Licensing Classes for Sales Associates and Brokers, as well as Weekend Exam Prep Courses.  It has four locations in Pasco and Hernando counties to serve the Real Estate Licensing needs of the north Tampa Bay area.

For more information on the location and class preparation, call Jeanne Gavish at 352-650-1029 or email me at  



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